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Unwelcome (2023)

Married couple Maya and Jamie escape their urban nightmare to the tranquility of rural Ireland only to discover malevolent and murderous goblins lurking in the gnarled, ancient wood at the foot of their new garden.

Director: Jon Wright

Stars: Hannah John-Kamen, Douglas Booth, Colm Meaney

5.3 IMDB Rating 1,828 Views 15 Comment
Knock at the Cabin (2023)

While vacationing, a girl and her parents are taken hostage by armed strangers who demand that the family make a choice to avert the apocalypse.

Director: M. Night Shyamalan

Stars: Dave Bautista, Jonathan Groff, Ben Aldridge

6.1 IMDB Rating 1,951 Views
Mayfair Witches Season 01 | Episode 01-08

Follows a neurosurgeon who discovers she is the unlikely heir to a family of witches. She must contend with a sinister presence that has haunted her family for generations.

Director: N/A

Stars: Alexandra Daddario, Tongayi Chirisa, Jack Huston

6.2 IMDB Rating 1,344 Views
Infinity Pool (2023)

James and Em Foster are enjoying an all-inclusive beach vacation in the fictional island of La Tolqa, when a fatal accident exposes the resort's perverse subculture of hedonistic tourism, reckless violence and surreal horrors.

Director: Brandon Cronenberg

Stars: Alexander Skarsgård, Mia Goth, Cleopatra Coleman

6.0 IMDB Rating 1,114 Views
Blood (2022)

Jess, a separated mother and nurse, moves with her daughter and young son Owen back into her old farmhouse. Shortly after settling in, Owen is bitten by the dog, resulting in a mysterious infection from the bite.

Director: Brad Anderson

Stars: Michelle Monaghan, Skeet Ulrich, Finlay Wojtak-Hissong

5.4 IMDB Rating 1,062 Views
Dead Zone (2022)

To stop the collapse of humanity, an elite team of soldiers must descend on a radiation-poisoned town and perform the ultimate stealth mission using high-tech armor and weapons.

Director: Hank Braxtan

Stars: Michael Jai White, Chad Michael Collins, Tarkan Dospil

3.6 IMDB Rating 913 Views
Hellblazers (2022)

A satanic cult focused on unleashing hell on Earth conjure a demon and set to the task of feeding it the populous of a nearby southwestern town.

Director: Justin Lee

Stars: Ed Morrone, Crash Buist, Tony Todd

4.4 IMDB Rating 251 Views
Urban Legend Season 01

This nightmarish anthology series, under the creative guidance of master of horror Eli Roth, showcases classic urban legends as you've never seen them before. Featuring lurking psychopaths, murderous mysteries, creepy creatures an...

Director: N/A

Stars: Emily Cole, Adam Fawns, Rodrigo Massa

5.4 IMDB Rating 216 Views
Candy Land (2022)

A seemingly naive and devout young woman navigates her way into the underground world of truck stop sex workers a.k.a. "lot lizards."

Director: John Swab

Stars: Olivia Luccardi, Sam Quartin, Eden Brolin

5.3 IMDB Rating 551 Views
M3GAN (2022)

A robotics engineer at a toy company builds a life-like doll that begins to take on a life of its own.

Director: Gerard Johnstone

Stars: Allison Williams, Violet McGraw, Ronny Chieng

6.4 IMDB Rating 1,929 Views
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