Watch The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 1 Online Free 2014

Watch The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 1 Online Free

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 1 Watch Online 2014

Plot:Watch The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 1 Free Online. Katniss Everdeen is in District 13 after she shatters the games forever. Under the leadership of President Coin and the advice of her trusted friends, Katniss spreads her wings as she fights to save Peeta and a nation moved by her...
Rating: 6.6/10 (444,279 votes)
Genre: Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi
Released: 21 Nov 2014
Runtime:123 min
Actors: Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson, Liam Hemsworth
Director: Francis Lawrence
Writer: Peter Craig, Danny Strong, Suzanne Collins
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Watch Online The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 1 2014


  1. Alex Burgman / August 5, 2015

    I found movie with high quality, open this link: zooda .co/Dx5ZI

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  3. Todgirl89 / April 21, 2015

    try it from another site: Watch The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1 Online Free

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  5. Aiko Pagbilao / March 20, 2015

    What did they do? I can’t watch it “File invalid or deleted” :'( what happened?

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  7. Peeta♥ / March 15, 2015

    What do they did to Peeta ??, I’m srry i’m from belgium !!!!

    • Cat / March 16, 2015

      They drugged him into trying to get Katniss to stop the revolution

  8. Janice Christine Alvarez / March 9, 2015

    Am I the only one crying through the whole thing? So many people dying and I cant help but cry

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  10. Jake / March 9, 2015

    Guys When Does The Hunger Games Mockingjay part 2 coming in ? I REALLT want to see it please tell me when its coming <3 <3 <3 best movie everrrrrrrrrrrrr

    • Cat / March 16, 2015

      It comes out next November

    • Ninji / June 19, 2015

      When does it come out on mintmovies?

    • Ellisix / July 11, 2015

      I have to wait until november?

  11. TEFLONG DONG / March 6, 2015

    How can I watch

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  13. hungergamesfan / March 4, 2015

    It’s horrible what they did to peeta

    • Peeta♥ / March 15, 2015

      What to they did 🙂 🙂

  14. Matt / March 2, 2015

    foreshadowing of the revolution that’s gonna happen here in the US??? I think soo!

    • Make A Wish / March 15, 2015

      You’re an uneducated slag. If you think the US government is anything marginally close to The Capitol, in any way, and that we are treated in any way like the districts, you should visit a communist country some time.

    • Matt / March 16, 2015

      were all slaves to the elites, wake up. 9-5 job is doing slave labor for corporation giants. the gov steals money that we earn through taxes. We basically work January and February for the gov… On top of that the gov is slowly taking away our rights. If you can’t see tis your part of the problem

    • Make A Wish / March 16, 2015

      Honestly, if you feel you’re a slave to the elite, start your own company. Sure, there’s plenty of people who inherit their power from family and heritage, but a majority of the kids attending high level education in top colleges would rather invent their own jobs, or start their own companies, than work for one of these “elite”. It doesn’t require massive intellect to do so, either. It requires creativity, which everyone possesses, in their own way. Working a 9-5 job is a way of making a living so you don’t have to live on the streets. If you want to give up on supporting your family, and would like to live on the streets, that’s your own decision. The government uses those “stolen funds” to pay for public schooling, transportation, maintenance, social security, national defense, military, etc. We work the entire year for the government, and pay them a slight of our paycheck. In return, they provide us an environment, one of the most highly regarded in the world, in which we are able to thrive. And I see no proof that the government is in reducing our rights in the slightest. In any case, they’re increasing rights to accommodate more people. They’re increasing rights given to immigrants, increasing rights to VISA workers, etc. If you can’t understand the depth of what you’re saying, nor make an argument to support it, then you should probably stop spreading it.

    • Matt / March 17, 2015

      their trying to ban guns. And I have a problem when our government invades innocent countries for natural resources. I have a problem with 1% of the American population owing 99% of all the money. I have a problem that our government spends trillions of dollars on war when we have homeless people, underpaying jobs, and college debt above a trillion dollars. What is a good living? Ever since elementary school weve been taught how to conform and take order so were ready for the work force, not once are we taught entrepreneurship. Were all trained slaves and brainwashed to think that its the normal way of living. People worship our corrupt government not knowing the true facts and listen to propaganda bullshit known as the news. When you the truth its hard to put up with people like you who think our government s doing the best they can because their not. And more importantly have no intention to.

    • fdas / March 19, 2015

      It’s funny how you think you’re so smart and have everything figured out, yet can’t even spell or use proper grammar. It’s more than obvious you have no idea what you’re talking about, considering how much dumb shit you said is not even true and/or delusional ramblings with no evidence to back it up. You’re arguments have been said before, by many people, and you act like you’re the only one. You are, however, the only one to state them so poorly, and completely miss all the points. Sure, if you read this you’ll get all angry and probably tell me I’m a sheep, or a slave, but it won’t make you smart, and won’t make me any less successful.

    • Matt / March 19, 2015

      everything I typed was typed very fast, who cares about the grammar lmao its a comment on a movie… im not gonna re read what I said to please certain people. the information’s there. However I’m not angry, I feel bad for you. People like you believe your succeeding in life cause you have a good paying job with great benefits. when the government tells you to bend over you bend over without question. You’ve prolly been working for years and have your head too far up your ass to pull it out, wake up and know what actually is going on. Your prolly afraid to believe it because then your life whole would be a lie. I don’t need to post evidence on a comment section to a movie. You can find it all yourself. The problem is you wont research anything I said because you would be too hurt from the truth. Deep down you know whats going on, your just too pussy to find look it up. Have a good day and enjoy getting fucked in the ass by your government.

    • Make A Wish / March 20, 2015

      Honestly, what you’re saying is the average amount of bullshit conspiracy fed to people over the internet. 1% of the population does not own 99% of the money. The top 1% of the nation owns roughly 40% of the money. Please, get YOUR head out of your ass. Yes, our government spends “trillions of dollars” on war and the war budget. That’s what it is to be a world power. We have a list of allies that would reach from your head to the tips of your toes. Unfortunately, we feel the need to attempt to maintain these allies in times of instability, ergo why we have to send troops when there are rebellions, terrorist groups, etc. in foreign countries. Jobs aren’t underpaying. If your education doesn’t meet the requirements to obtain a job of what you consider fair pay, then that’s not the government’s fault. Even then, there are jobs with huge pay offs that require little to no education. For example, sanitary engineers (garbage men) receive slightly less then the salary of a publicly hired high school teacher, however they receive substantial pensions for retirement. It’s perfectly possible to make your own way with little to no education. Stop blaming your sob story of a life on the government. So they prepare us for the workforce in school, oh what a tragedy. You mean they prepare us to attempt to obtain the best opportunity at living a prosperous life so we won’t have to work a remedial job, blaming them for my short comings?! We’re not getting “fucked” by the government, we’re sitting here laughing at people like you who decided to sleep and text in class when we decided to pay attention. You can argue the government isn’t doing all they can, and they might not be, but I don’t expect them to be going 110% all the time. They’re humans, just like us. If you don’t like who’s in office, vote them out. Simple. And as for your “proof”, I’ve already stated that much of the information in your post is incorrect, and mainly composed of the internet bullshit you see in YouTube comments, and they have no plans on “taking guns away”. The only props that have even come close to gun regulation are reducing clip sizes, to prevent from someone having a 30 bullet clip. And FYI Matt, you’re bending over just as much as we are. You’re paying your taxes, you’re paying your internet bills, you just talk macho on the internet, hoping that someday someone will save you from the occupation that you hate so much you have to blame the government for it. You’re welcome to move out of the country, if you think it’s so damn corrupt. Canada and Mexico wouldn’t mind getting another emigrant. And I”m not “too pussy” to look it up, I take the time of day to actually read and educate myself on what’s going on in the world, unlike your statements about how “1% of the population owns 99% of the money” or “they’re trying to ban guns” or “not once are we taught entrepreneurship”. I mean, if we’re not taught entrepreneurship, what the fuck is the point of all these arts classes, economics classes, and career planning classes for? If you want to learn to be able to sell something, take Marketing. You want to learn to create your own products? Take art and 3D scanning. You want to learn how to manipulate people’s emotions for your own benefit? Take Psychology. You want to learn how to write a fucking legible paragraph? Take calligraphy and literature.

    • Matt / March 21, 2015

      conspiracy was a word created after the JFK assassination by the government to make anyone who knew the truth look crazy. That word is still around for that reason. Brainwashed finished products of the government call people who know whats going on conspiracy theorists. LMAO” they prepare us to attempt to obtain the best opportunity at living a prosperous life”.. DUDE REALLY… A prosperous life isn’t slaving 5 days a week 40 years of your life. Wouldn’t you think a prosperous life is being a millionaire with no job traveling the world doing things you want to do?? And please tell me.. how does school prepare us to be millionaires? That’s right it doesn’t were taught to conform and obey orders. Were taught that being 100k in debt before your even given a job is a good thing and were on the right path. Truth is well be paying this off for the res of our lives. The easiest way to control people is put them in debt and that’s what they do… I didn’t even get into the crazy corruption like the government creating lifelong patients as opposed to cures. They’ve had the cure for cancer since the 70’s but chemotherapy is a 90 billion dollar a year industry. They have cars that get 200 mpg in Europe yet the US said they don’t want them here because the gas corporations would lose too much money. Organic farms are being shut down in the US and we’re force fed GMOs that poison us and makes us sick. there’s floride in our drinking water.. THE ONLY COUNTRY IN THE WORLD that has that problem… All other countries its illegal. Oh it will help with tooth decay? oh yea? so tell me do we also drink mouth wash?? no we don’t. Did you know there’s more abandoned house in the US than homeless people? Bet you didn’t. The government doesn’t give a fuck about its people they only care about profits and power. If you can’t see this idk what else to say.

    • Ople hile your / March 18, 2015

      actually if you think theres nothing in common with the 2 then your the uneducated piece of shit haha turn off the tv and actually look into whats going on in the world you dumb piece of shit. The US government has been using mind control since the 40’s, and its totally becoming a prison state, look upo FEMA camps you dipshit. Plus all the police killings with no punishment, plus how government officials gettting away with robbing the entire country for there money with no punishment at all, our government bombing and attacking any country that has something we want or disagrees with. hahah your just a stupid ass sheep, keep watching your TV, and drinking your fluoridated water, and eating mcdonalds you fucking retard, you clearly have no idea whats going on in the world yet you feel smart enough to go judge others for their open opinions. haha kill yourself fuckboy, do us all a favor.

    • Danielle Rudderham / April 27, 2015

      all your country does is sit there and get in to other countries stuff which is sending men that could be helpful in your own damn country to there death.. your country is shit and im glad I aint in the states..

    • Madison / August 9, 2015


  15. Guest / February 27, 2015

    Is there any way to remove the subtitles?

    • Derek Finley / March 3, 2015

      I watched the whole movie before I figured it out. Toggle over the screen. Click CC to turn on/off.

  16. gjgjg / February 24, 2015

    Peeta damn u crazy

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  18. lol / February 24, 2015


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  20. BurgerMan / February 21, 2015

    Don’t worry Part 2 will have more action 🙂

    • Jake / March 9, 2015

      Do you now when does the part 2 come out ?

    • Peeta / March 11, 2015

      it comes out in November 20 (2015) in USA

  21. Mourad / February 21, 2015

    Nice !

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  23. Jules / February 20, 2015

    Why wont Default work for me so i can watch the movie? Mobile works but Defsult doesnt.. Im on the computer.

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  25. bill / February 18, 2015

    here for the rebels

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  27. Reda / February 18, 2015

    thnx for the upload @mint

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