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When a group of old college friends reunite over a long weekend after one of them attempts suicide, old crushes and resentments shine light on their life decisions, and ultimately push friendships and relationships to the brink.

Director: Jesse Zwick

Stars: Nate Parker, Jason Ritter, Maggie Grace

6.3 IMDB Rating 2,089 Views
Slaughter Is the Best Medicine

Vet leads his team of disbanded mercenaries into the treacherous Gallows Wood on one last mission to capture the elusive Professor Black. What was meant to be a simple extraction mission soon becomes a terrifying journey into madn...

Director: Rishi Thaker

Stars: Nigel Woodings, Andrew David Barker, Andrew Gibney

3.3 IMDB Rating 1,738 Views
Babysitter’s Black Book

Friends start a babysitting business to save up for college, but when the babysitting money just isn't cutting it, they start a prostitution business as well.

Director: Lee Friedlander

Stars: Spencer Locke, Ryan McPartlin, Perrey Reeves

5.3 IMDB Rating 4,694 Views
The Good Witch’s Destiny

Cassy is having a birthday party with family and friends invited. For school, Lori researches Cassy's great aunt, who disappeared. She finds similarities to Cassy.

Director: Craig Pryce

Stars: Catherine Bell, Chris Potter, Hannah Endicott-Douglas

6.9 IMDB Rating 2,799 Views
American Justice

When the reckless actions of an out-of-control LAPD officer get his partner killed in a deadly hostage situation, he gets suspended from the police force and heads to Mexico to face off against corrupt cops.

Director: Demetrius Navarro

Stars: John Schneider, Tom Lister Jr., James Russo

2.9 IMDB Rating 2,084 Views

Over-imaginative 12 year-old Sam heads off to the woods to summer scout camp with his pack convinced he will encounter a monster...and he does.

Director: Jonas Govaerts

Stars: Maurice Luijten, Evelien Bosmans, Titus De Voogdt

5.9 IMDB Rating 3,170 Views 1 Comment
Extraction Day

Jacob Bradley wakes up in a warehouse in the midst of a tactical raid, with no memory and no idea who he is. He is found by a young woman who helps him escape, and tells him that no matter what happens, he must survive. A terroris...

Director: Matthew Ninaber

Stars: Allison Busner, Nathan A. Grieve, Jannah Kitzman

2.8 IMDB Rating 2,938 Views

A loving father finds a clown suit for his son's birthday party, only to realize that it's cursed.

Director: Jon Watts

Stars: Andy Powers, Laura Allen, Peter Stormare

5.7 IMDB Rating 6,710 Views 3 Comment

August 1944. A team of British soldiers led by a US Captain are dropped behind enemy lines in France on a mission that could shorten the war. As nothing goes according to plan, commando Sergeant Harry McBain and Captain Gabriel Ja...

Director: Dominic Burns

Stars: Julian Ovenden, Chris Reilly, Matt Willis

5.1 IMDB Rating 4,317 Views
Black Sea

In order to make good with his former employers, a submarine captain takes a job with a shadowy backer to search the depths of the Black Sea for a submarine rumored to be loaded with gold.

Director: Kevin Macdonald

Stars: Jude Law, Scoot McNairy, Ben Mendelsohn

6.4 IMDB Rating 3,623 Views
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